Saturday, April 7, 2012

( the photographic-diary project ) (2001) by Jimmy Owenns RESPONSE

I have been a little behind my blog entries, I usually start with this week's entry, but this time I don't know what to call it.

This video is one of those that I'm glad it comes with a description because it I watched without it and I really didn't care to much for it. It made me curious as to how the video was done. I almost wished it was accompanied with a soundtrack, but then I was glad it didn't because I was able to play "Where is my mind" and that made the entire experience much more enjoyable. However, I understand that the artist might not have envisioned his project with "where is my mind" on the background, but I liked it that way.

Then I read the description and I guess it spoke to me in a different way. I have been trying to document all my performance and choreographic career. It has been really difficult to find everything and organise it in a coherent idea. All dance is mostly captured in video, almost never in photography. In the description Owenns describes this project of the collection of multiple photographs throughout the life span of a person.  The idea of a video graphic journal seems really interesting to me, I don't think it could be helpful for me, because so very few photographers understand the kind of pictures that need to be taken in order to document dance properly.

The execution of this project seems include many elements. First you need to have a sequence of the photographs that makes sense,   I think you need to create video of that sequence, then put it into a website that reacts to the roll over of the mouse, and then you need to make a video of all those things together.

I liked it !

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  1. thanks for talking about this old project of mine :)

    I am actually planning to release it on my website in the following months, 10 years after I've released it on a dvd-rom (it was way to heavy for internet at the time)

    I'll keep you posted if you'd like it


    KJ aka JO